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Feel. Don't Conceal.

The loneliest people
are the kindest.

The saddest people
smile the brightest.

The most damage people
are the wisest.


Mary ‘Sassy’ Poppins, 1964

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#existential terror at its most intimate   #focused around a female lead no less; who better to survive in the overwhelming environment of hostility and suffocation?


#existential terror at its most intimate   #focused around a female lead no less; who better to survive in the overwhelming environment of hostility and suffocation?

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dont underestimate my ability to stay obsessed over a single game for years after i first played it

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I'm so glad to have a   s i s t e r   more like   m e

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Part: 1/2

Yoo Jae-myung, animation director of The Legend of Korra, discusses Nickelodeons initial hesitancy to accept Mike and Bryans proposal of the show… and Korra.

“The sequel focuses on the incarnation of the new Avatar, Korra, as she tries to save a city called the Republic City.”

“So, Korra is a young girl , not a boy. Heroes and protagonists are usually men.”

“That actually became a problem.

Nickelodeon was reluctant to produce this animated series at first because the protagonist was a girl.

I guess you could say that Americans are more conservative than Koreans.

The production was suspended just because the protagonist was a girl.

To compare this situation to a movie production, it’s as if the lead actor has already been cast, but the production agency decides to stop the filming because they don’t approve of the actor.”

Part 2: (x)

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You know what?

Flip it.

I’m blaming this. This is why we can’t have nice things. This is why we don’t get the episodes. This is why we don’t get commercials or proper advertising or merchandise. This is still prevalent, they’re still bitter about this, and their utter incompetence and ineptitude when it comes to marketing and promotion could not have POSSIBLY been the genuine reasons for this show’s troubles in the ratings, so it must have been because she’s a girl, so you see “we were right”. That’s all.

This viewpoint will continue until I have a better explanation from the studios. I don’t care if the episodes are on their website when I post this message and jump over to the site, my stance will remain the same. I want an explanation. If you’re not going to give me the product I want to invest in, I want an explanation as to why I can’t have it.

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Summer Love

Good things happen to Elsa and Anna when it’s raining in my drawings, apparently.
Good, it’s raining here too.
I wanted to post just the .gif, but I’ve forgot that shades and gradients don’t go well with this format and I really wanted to do something like that since long time. So here we go, the drawing I colored during last night livestream. Thanks to everyone who watched, I love you, guys :) it was so fun.
Hope you like it.

You can find the art print of this drawing available in my society6 account.
I posted two versions:
1) with the heart (this one you see here)
2) without the heart (Elsa is drawing Olaf)
for everyone who cannot buy something because the incest problem :)


tools: photoshop CS5, wacom intuos4

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yes but consider ur fav ship 

  • making rly bad jokes rly at night and full on snort laughing w/ each other
  • 1 of them cooking dinner but its shit and the other totally taking the piss 
  • finding the song that’s /their song/ but its a rly bad song but they get emotional when it plays
  • T A K I N G S E L F I E S
  • borrowing each others clothes but they’re both different sizes (1 PRSN IN BAGGY TSHIRTS AND THE OTHR IN RLY TIGHT TROUSERS THAT DONT RLY BUTTON UP)
  • going 2 see a movie but it’s shit and they shout at the screen and all the othr ppl in the cinema tell them to fuck off 
  • saving up and going 2 a fancy place for dinner but they cant pronounce the names of some of the dishes on the menu and its cute
  • TRYING 2 BE REAL GROWN UPS WHO R RESPONSIBLE but they still eat kids cereal and  get up early 2 watch cartoons 
  • having like week long arguments about rly silly shit like who would be a bettr astronaut or who would win in a fight between a dragon and a griffin 
  • generally being weird nerds 
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jeez i would love to order that thing online, but i don’t know what size to order it in because women’s clothing sizes are determined by the alignments of the planets in relation to the fuck you galaxy